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victor Management Software for Unified Security

From a single, intuitive interface, victor lets you manage live/recorded video from all of Tyco Security Products recorders – Intellex DVRs, ADTVR, VideoEdge NVRs/Hybrids, and exacqVision. victor even takes unification further with single point event management with Software House’s C•CURE 9000 access control system.

victor is designed to handle the high throughput of HD and megapixel cameras and easily manages real-time alarms and events.

victor includes advanced policy management, health monitoring, Smart Search, instant playback, and more, ensuring the security and safety of your entire organization.

With a complete, scalable portfolio of clients, victor has a solution that is right for any business:

victor Express is designed to support the needs of single client, multi-recorder applications.

victor Professional is designed for systems with multiple sites and/or multiple recorders that require multiple operator client connections, and unification or integration to other systems.

victor Enterprise is designed for large, multi-site businesses or large distributed systems, and can be part of a MAS/SAS (Master and Satellite Application Server) environment with C•CURE 9000.

Network Video Recorders

IP surveillance systems are at their best with VideoEdge NVR solutions. Manage, access and control your IP systems with state of the art features that allow you to search quickly and easily through many hours of video. Alerts can be generated through more than one NVR, and each system can be customized for a solution that fits your needs. VideoEdge solutions deliver high quality results each and every time.

VideoEdge Network Video Recorders (NVR)

The VideoEdge Network Video Recorder (NVR) allows you to manage your entire IP video system quickly and easily and can be customized to meet your specific security needs. Learn more about VideoEdge NVR.

VideoEdge Go Mobile App

VideoEdge Go is a full-featured video surveillance app for mobile iOS mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. VideoEdge Go enables you to do investigations of both live and recorded video, as well as extract images or video clips, quickly and easily. Extend your security reach using this mobile app, anytime and anywhere.

VideoEdge Hybrid

The VideoEdge Hybrid is a powerful, high-performance recorder designed to record and manages video from standard analog and IP cameras in addition to high-definition and megapixel IP cameras. VideoEdge Hybrid is compatible with both 4:3 and HD 16:9 aspect ratio video formats. Available in three form factors, VideoEdge Hybrid is designed to provide all the operations you require, including video streaming, audio, and motion smart-search. With embedded video analytics, dynamic bandwidth management, health monitoring, easy installation and mobile app, this high-performance recorder is fully integrated with either the VideoEdge embedded client, or the victor unified client, protecting both your analog and IP investments.

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