Maintenance Design

We believe our customer care should cover a lot more than just repairing or replacing faulty or end-of-life security equipment.

We offer a range of proactive support and service plans and programs which ensure you always have the highest level of security protection and help you manage your security budget:

Complete Performance Plan

Regular inspection and testing, administration and maintenance of your security system’s critical components are essential to maintain the upmost security protection. We can customise a Complete Performance Plan for your security system to ensure your people, property and assets are always protected.

Your complete performance plan may include the following elements:

  • Battery replacement programs
  • Maintenance of detailed service records
  • Maintenance of equipment register
  • Maintenance of system CAD drawings
  • Post-construction/project system health check-ups
  • Regular and comprehensive alarm point testing
  • Regular software upgrades
  • Regular video surveillance system and camera alignment, focusing, cleaning and testing
  • Routine software and setting audits
  • Routine video surveillance system recording and setting audits
  • Any other services you need

Ownership Plan

If you want the certainty of fixed service and maintenance costs for your security system, our Ownership Plan is for you.

This plan supplements the manufacturer’s warranty received with your system installation. It includes an extended warranty covering materials, equipment and labour, plus appropriate elements from our Complete Performance Plans. This means you can budget for all required service and maintenance in advance, and trust that any issue will be corrected without incurring additional or unplanned expenses.

Preferred Customer Program

We offer priority service and discounted rates for our preferred clients. Since PERKINS Security was founded over 20 years ago, we have served over 1,000 clients. We’ve created the Preferred Client Program to reward our long-term clients. It ensures our best clients receive priority service when an issue arises with their security systems.

For a nominal annual rate, you can be assured of receiving prioritised service and maintenance, discounted hourly service rates, and reduced prices on replacement parts.
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