Integrated Systems

PERKINS SECURITY is a proven specialist in the area of security system integration. Whether it is a new installation or enhancements to an existing security system, we can design a system to meet your needs.

About Integrated Systems

There are many aspects involved in successfully implementing an integrated security solution. New technologies are providing Security, IT, and Facility Managers with the ability to integrate access control, security, and video surveillance systems under a central control.

Integrating your security solutions removes the hassle of managing several systems. You can dramatically simplify access to facilities and networks, saving time and effort by allowing you to monitor all your systems from one place. You can increase surveillance efficiency by tying all your perimeter, intrusion and intelligent video surveillance systems together. An integrated system can be scalable for any size organisation, while still providing the convenience and increased Security that each system would provide individually.

Some benefits to integrating systems include:

  • Monitor from a single location
  • Track unusual behaviour
  • Ease of single sign-on

A trusted security advisor can help you consider the various business factors that go into an enterprise-wide security solution, such as reducing the number of systems that are managed and monitored, and helping you to reduce your total cost of ownership. PERKINS will work with you to design the best solution for your needs and environment, taking into account your unique industry factors and regulatory issues.

Upgrades To An Existing Integrated System

If you have an existing security system in need of expansion, upgrade or enhancement PERKINS can help. Our experienced Security Advisors can optimise your current security investment by integrating new technologies.

From small enhancements to major upgrades, our professional consultants, engineers and technicians will ensure the project is a quality design, with smooth implementation.

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