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Software House C•CURE 9000 Enterprise provides advanced distributed architecture for enterprise scalability.  It expands as your organization grows.  C•CURE 9000 Enterprise gives corporate security personnel central control over the entire system, while each local facility maintains control of its individual operation. System administrators at the main facility can configure and monitor all locations from that central site.

Each local server may be positioned near its relevant field hardware which limits traffic to the main server and optimizes performance.  Each facility maintains a local SQL database which increases system reliability as there is no dependence on the master database or WAN connection for normal operations.

Data from each local server is synchronized with the main server via the WAN to ensure data consistency throughout your entire organization.  All database information, including cardholder and access control information, sent to the central server is distributed to the local servers to ensure local data is current.

Hardware Convergence for a Complete Security Solution

Software House offers a full spectrum of advanced hardware solutions dedicated to ensuring convergence across multiple platforms. Our strong portfolio of iSTAR door controllers fit any application from a one building site to an international corporation.

With over ten years of development of iSTAR controller technology, Software House has become a leader in IP compliance for the security industry. iSTAR controller technology, with its inherent intelligence, spans multiple hardware platforms as hardware technology advances and industry needs change. With proven network capabilities, iSTAR controllers have been field
tested on some of the most hostile networks in the world.

iSTAR Ultra Door Controller – Up to 32 Readers

iSTAR Ultra is a powerful, network-ready door controller built on the Linux platform that supports up to 32 readers. This powerful controller supports both traditional hard-wired and wireless locks, all in the same controller. Of the 32 supported readers, 16 may come from the Access Control Module’s (ACM) I/O units – the rest can be made up of wireless lock sets and devices.

Rack-mount and wall-mount options provide installation flexibility, while iSTAR Ultra’s unique lock power management eliminates the need for separate lock power interface boards. iSTAR Ultra features a hardened Linux kernel for its operating system, improving the security and scalability of the system.


  • Intelligent, modular controller offering a cost-effective access control solution for up to 16 doors• Ethernet, optional dial-up modem communications, full DHCP and WINS support
  • Up to 128 MB memory – enough to store over 1,000,000 cardholders
  • 4U and 2U rack-mountable version options


  • Four- or eight-door Ethernet-ready controller providing strong FIPS 197-validated 256-bit encryption
  • Listed for FIPS 140-2, the US government’s most rigorous standard for cryptographic products
  • Ideal for government applications or for any enterprise looking for the highest security available

iSTAR Edge

  • Two- or four-door edge controller with IP technology to bring access control decision-making right to the door
  • Optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) plug-in module with PoE Plus that provides ample power for four doors
  • Leverages existing IT network infrastructure to reduce installation and startup costs

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