NX Witness VMS


Nx Witness VMS

Nx Witness VMS  is a lighting fast, easy to use, cross-platform IP video management system (VMS) / video surveillance software designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras so you can monitor, analyze and react to critical events in real time.

v4.1 has arrived.

Check out the latest iterative release and learn about a few key new features that make it easier than ever to manage your IP video system.

  • Push Notifications
  • Health Monitoring
  • New Embedded Browser
  • Camera Web Page in Camera Settings Dialog
  • Analytics Region of Interest Programming

Nx Desktop

The Nx Witness Desktop application is a rich media player with a flexible GRID interface, unmatched speed and responsiveness, instant notifications, an embedded browser, and a user experience unlike any other video management software.
Flex GRID User Interface

A revolutionary interface that allows users to create an unlimited number of customizable, shareable layouts.

Cloud Connect

Connect your Nx Witness System to the cloud and login to your Nx Witness system from anywhere, anytime.

View Live or Recorded

View up to 64 video streams on a single layout – with support for MJPEG, H.264 and H.265 live streams.

Virtual / Action Cameras

Import offline video from wearable cameras, phones, and other devices to archive and share with other users.


Create dual-streaming “cameras” using RTSP / HTTP / UDP to enable adaptive scaling in Nx Witness clients.

Webcam Support

USB Webcams, Laptop Cameras, and even the Raspberry Pi camera module can be managed like IP cameras.

Resource Tree

Control PTZ cameras using quick point and click or outline-to-zoom user interface controls.

Flex Timeline

Use In-Camera Analytics from Hikvision, Axis, or Hanwha to create Rules in the Events Rules engine.

Notifications Panel

Single or multi-video, make it rapid, add a timestamp or custom text, or even add your own watermark.

Adaptive Scaling

Nx Witness Desktop uses adaptive scaling technology to optimize speed while minimizing CPU and network usage.

Super Lightweight

The Nx Witness Desktop application is an 80 MB installer and can run well even on low-end computers  (like the Intel Compute Stick).

Encrypted Connections

Nx Witness Desktop uses HTTP and SSL to communicate with all System servers for secure, encrypted communications.


Timed viewing tours of any combination of system resources – live cameras, recorded videos, web pages, etc.

Layout as an Action

Create Rules in the Rules Engine to open any user-defined Layout as an action for roles or specific users.

Video Wall Mode

Nx Desktop can be put in Video Wall mode to allow operators to remotely control monitors and video walls.

Secure Export

Export password-protected video in .nov or .exe format for secure sharing of key captured events.

Multi-Video Export

Export up to 64 cameras in a single view using Nx Witnes multi-video export into .nov or .exe formats.

Export to Executable

Export and share video as an executable file with a built-in interface for a unique interactive client experience.

Minimum Layout Grid

Set a minimum Viewing Grid size (initial number of Viewing Grid items) in Layout Settings dialog.

Embedded Browser

Embedded, high performance browser allows soft integrations with web-based services and devices.

Launch Desktop via CLI

The Desktop client can now be launched using the Command Line Interface allowing pop-up on event, etc.

Smart Motion Search

Search recorded archives using an entire camera view or specific pixels. Search an entire year in less than a second.

System Events

Get notified when system devices (cameras, streams, IoT devices, storage) are offline or under performing.

Object Search

Search objects (people, license plates, faces, clothing, bags, etc) with integrated computer vision partner plugins.

Camera Settings

Manage camera streaming and recording settings including changing quality, fps, motion detection, and more.

Camera Web Page Proxy

Proxy from outside your local network to the camera’s web page to set up in-camera analytics, events, and more.

Bitrate Throttling

Use Bitrate Throttling to dial-in a camera’s network usage to in limited bandwidth or storage environments.

Advanced PTZ

Control PTZ cameras using quick point and click or outline-to-zoom user interface controls.

Fisheye Dewarping

Automatically de-warp any live or recorded fisheye video or image, add virtual PTZ tours, and more.

Two Way Audio

Two Way audio works like a walkie-talkie, allowing operators to talk or trigger alerts through an IP camera’s built-in audio.

In-Camera Analytics

Use In-Camera Analytics from Hikvision, Axis, or Hanwha to create Rules in the Events Rules engine.

Soft Triggers

Nx Desktop’s Soft Triggers give operators the ability to manually trigger any event – event integrations to 3rd party systems.

Camera I/Os

Use input and outputs on cameras to trigger events and control connected 3rd party devices like Access / Alarm / Fire.

Event Rules Engine

An IFTT Events Rules Engine that lets operators configure simple or advanced automated system reactions.

Advanced Export

Single or multi-video, make it rapid, add a timestamp or custom text, or even add your own watermark.

Rapid Review

Take any period of time (e.g. 1 day) and create a compressed time lapse of any duration (e.g. 30 seconds).

Custom User Roles

Create re-usable custom user roles and assign custom access levels to specific resources.

User Management

Quickly add users and manage user rights with custom user roles, LDAP / Active Directory integration, and more.

LDAP / Active Directory

Integrate your System with LDAP / Active Directory and import user credentials, roles, and rights.


Manually or Automatically create Bookmarks to highlight critical events and related video.

Bookmark Export

Easily export bookmarked videos directly from the timeline with just a quick click of the mouse.

Force Acknowledge Events

Force Acknowledgement of key notifications and create Bookmarks to document key events.

HTTP Events & Actions

Integrate any 3rd party System or Device using standard HTTP events and actions in the Nx Wtness Rules Engine.

Custom CameraID

Allows users to create custom IDs for API calls, enabling simpler integration with 3rd party systems.

CLI Launch

Launch the Nx Desktop client using the Command Line Interface on Windows, Mac, or Ubuntu devices.

Custom Watermarks

Administrators can add Operator Names to live, recorded, and exported video as an option to prevent / discover leaked video.

Custom Text Overlays

Administrators can add Operator Names to live, recorded, and exported video as an option to prevent / discover leaked video.

Watermark Evaluation

Evaluate video exported from the system to verify authenticity and check integrity for chain of custody.

Storage Management

Manage local HDDs and NAS devices. See real-time usage statistics and utilize available space intelligently.

Archive Integrity Check

Get notified when the original archive has been manually modified (archive files modified or removed).

Storage Analytics

Analyze and predict the amount of data being captured by cameras on every storage location in the system.

Server Health Graph

View real time Server health metrics including CPU, Network Usage, HDD performance, and RAM usage.

Integrated Help Manual

The Nx Desktop context sensitive manual has been completely re-written – with new graphical explanations and more!

Staged System Updates

Download available upgrade packages (Client + Server) and begin updates when ready with the click of a button.

Nx Cloud

The Nx Witness Cloud service uses a combination of cloud computing technologies – including Amazon AWS – to enable simple remote connectivity, streaming, and management of one or an unlimited number of Nx Witness Systems.
Cloud Connect

Login to your Nx Witness system from anywhere, anytime, on any device using the Nx Witness Cloud layer.

Cloud System Merge

Administrators can connect their Nx Witness Systems to Nx Cloud to make merging remote sites simple.

Cloud Proxy

Proxy video streams in instances when direct NAT connections to a System’s Servers cannot be established.

Cloud Client

View live or recorded video from any camera connected to any cloud-connected system  in a browser.

Cloud Sharing

Share access to any system connected to the cloud with anyone using their email address and custom user roles.

Cloud Scale

Connect an unlimited number of systems to a single account for managed services or large enterprise customers.

Secure & Encrypted

Nx Witness Cloud undergoes security testing and uses the latest encryption technologies to secure user data.

Encrypted Video

Prevent man-in-the-middle attacks with video encryption between your Systems and the Nx Cloud Client.

Cloud API

Use the Nx Witness Cloud API to integrate to 3rd party web-based applications like Zapier or 3rd party cloud-based analytics.

Health Monitoring

Monitor all connected Systems and devices with an integrated Health Monitoring dashboard.

Push Notifications

Create rules to send Push Notifications to Nx Witness Mobile users on cloud connected Systems.

Secure Password Reset

Nx Witness Cloud has secure sign up / log in and allows users to securely reset lost or forgotten passwords.

Nx Server

The Nx Server application is a lightweight, powerful media server responsible for discovering, connecting to, and managing Nx Witness system devices and data.
Device Auto-Discovery
Autmatically discover 99% of IP cameras on the market today as well as compatible IoT devices.
Manually Add Streams

Add any RTSP, HTTP, or UDP stream from any device (IP camera, drone, etc) or 3rd party system (DVR, NVR, etc).

Server Hive Architecture

Synchronizes user and configuration data in real-time ensuring no single point of failure in any size system.

Store Anywhere

Capture and store video pretty much anywhere – local HDDs, SD cards, NAS / SAN / iSCSI and more.

Web Admin Interface

View cameras, check up on things, connect to cloud, or download API and SDK documentation.

Event Rules Engine

An IFTT Events Rules Engine that lets operators configure simple or advanced rules to automate system reactions.

Failover on Storage Failure

Automatic Camera Failover will now be activated when all storage on a Server has failed.

Encrypted Connections

Administrators can now require all connections in a System to utilize HTTPS with SSL/TLS encryption.

Encrypted Video

Administrators can now encrypt video between Servers and Nx Desktop / Mobile / Web clients.

Incredibly Lightweight

Small, compact, powerful, and can run on anything from a Raspberry Pi to orchestrated virtual environments.


Built-in desktop notifications,  push notifications, email, 3rd party systems (e.g. SMS) using HTTP actions.

Built-in Database

The Nx Witness Server application includes the SQLite Database – with no need for prerequisite technologies.

Metadata SDK

Develop Plugins to integrate Nx Witness VMS and 3rd party AI-powered video analytics like Nirovision

Storage SDK

A C++ SDK for integrating with non-standard storage devices like Veracity Coldstore and/or cloud technologies.

Video Source SDK

A C++ SDK for integrating 3rd party video devices, including NVRs, DVRs, IoT devices and Audio Video equipment.


Supports all major video codecs inluding H.265, H.264, MJPEG, RTSP, MJPEG, WebM, and HLS.


Transcoded streams for Mobile and Web clients. Also available to pull via Server API to 3rd party interfaces.

Server API

A comprehensively documented HTTP API that allows instant and seamless integrations with Nx Witness VMS.

Nx Mobile

Nx Mobile is a low-latency, user-friendly mobile client for iOS and Android devices that allows users to connect to, view, and control their cameras from anywhere, anytime over Wifi or Data networks.
Low Latency

Nx Mobile has a custom mobile media player with adaptive technology to reduce latency whether you’re connected via Wifi or Data.

Fisheye Dewarping

Nx Mobile has built-in universal multi-touch fisheye dewarping you have to see to believe.

Live Thumbnails

See what’s happening with your Nx Witness system(s) at a glance with Live Thumbnails.

PTZ Controls

Nx Mobile lets users control their PTZ cameras using specially designed touch controls.

Secure & Encrypted

Nx Witness Mobile connects to systems using HTTPS and SSL encryption for end-to-end security and encrypted video.

Multi System Switching

Switch between an unlimited number of systems quickly via Nx Cloud or saved connections.

Soft Triggers

Soft triggers allow users to trigger system actions and integrate with other systems like Access Control, Alarm, etc.

Smart Motion Search

Nx Mobile’s Smart Motion Search lets users select all or part of a camera view (specific pixels) to search for motion.

Push Notifications

Create rules to send customizable Push Notifications to Nx Witness Mobile users on cloud connected Systems.

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