Outdoor Security

One of the challenges in Security applications is the provision for effective and reliable outdoor security systems and devices.

These challenges include:

  • Physical conditions such as geographical terrain (concrete buildings, metal structures, steep hills, trees, water, etc.)
  • Weather factors such as heat, cold, wind, rain, fog, snow, etc.
  • Accessibility to areas needing protection
  • Lighting issues in and around the location/s
  • Availability of electrical mains power or alternative sources(generator, solar, wind generation, battery bank)
  • Issues related to distances and the sheer size of an area needing protection

PERKINS Security takes great pride in its ability to overcome these challenges and provide outdoor Security systems and devices that are effective, reliable, and easy to operate. We specialise in:

  • Gate access control system (both vehicle and pedestrian)
  • Fence perimeter detection systems using specially designed copper sensing cable
  • Outdoor motion detectors including dual technology microwave/passive infrared, as well as microwave mono-static sensors and photoelectric beams
  • Outdoor cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) or fixed cameras
  • Infrared and low light cameras
  • IR illuminators
  • Wireless outdoor camera systems
  • Video motion detection systems
  • Access control and intrusion systems for buildings and structures
  • Wireless access control and intrusion devices
  • Lighting design for enhanced illumination that will compliment a camera system
  • Outdoor intercom and phone communication systems
  • Outdoor emergency call stations

PERKINS Security is also skilled in interfacing these systems to LAN/WAN networks (both hardwired and wireless), SCADA systems, and PLC’s. PERKINS Security has successfully completed large outdoor Security projects for corporations such a Transgrid.

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